July 28, 2009

Couple Portrait, completed!

Hooray! I couldn't see the top of the guy's head in the original photo, but my co-worker told me that he had an Army buzz. So I looked at some reference photos and improvised it - I hope it looks right.

I added the shaded background to keep the drawing from looking too lopsided, with all the dark on one side and so much light on the other.

And guess what? I got another Etsy commission! My next drawing will be of a grandmother lifting a cute baby into the air. The only problem is that I need to get this drawing done in time for the grandmother's birthday on Friday - so I need to get going!


  1. Great work as always, Kelley!

  2. Good job on the portrait! You sure can draw fast. ;o )
    Congratulations on getting another commission... Looking forward to seeing it!


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