July 9, 2009

Inspiration: imaginee

This morning I shipped the Two Teeth portrait. It's a good feeling, getting a completed drawing in the mail. It's kind of cool to think that my drawings are spreading (ever so slowly) throughout the country.

Soon my plans for world domination will be complete.

It's time for some inspiration!
Drawings from imaginee's Deviantart page.

Imaginee can do some unbelievably photo-realistic art. Two of my favorites are up above. Look at that beautiful hand. I also love the background on the portrait of the little girl- it looks like light coming through leaves on a tree. I'll probably try doing a background like that in the future.

Imaginee had some very helpful tips on her page: "Draw every tiny detail you see; it’s the details that give the drawing realism. Work on a small, 1-2 inch area at a time, (and) finish it to near perfection before moving on. If you rush a drawing, it will show, so sloooooow way down and enjoy your artistic journey."

On her website
the artist says a drawing takes her 20-80 hours. Yikes!!

This is advice I need to take to heart. Once the subject's face is completed in a drawing, I tend to want to get the rest of it over with as quickly as possible. (I have some pretty embarrassing samples of this that I'll post someday.)

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