August 21, 2009

Party in My Crib portrait, completed!

Even my brother (yes, the one in the picture) likes this drawing. EVEN MY BROTHER, people. He Who Cannot Be Pleased. My brother, who would look up at the Sistine Chapel and shrug, "s'ok."

I really like the way my brother's eyes came out. Since the whites of the eyes aren't really white, but a fairly medium-toned grey, the highlights really stand out.
The folds in the clothing was fun to do, and I tried to put a little extra detail into the denim.
As usual I'm a little disappointed with the way the scanner simplifies the shading, so it looks less smooth than in the original. But it's not too bad in this one.

Time to put this up in the Etsy shop! Yay!

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  1. I am so thrilled with the final portrait! You are a Drawing-Genius! The lighting and contrast is brilliant. I love your shining eyes...I could stare at them all day! I'm impressed, too, with the way the buckles really look metallic. Way to go, Bean!


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