August 16, 2009

Party in My Crib portrait, part 2

Just a quick update before I crash for the night.

I saw the movie "Ponyo" today. If you've never seen a Hayao Miyazaki film before, Ponyo will definitely blow your mind. I've seen most of Miyazaki's films and I was still blown away by his bizarre imgination, at times charming and at times disturbingly surreal.

The animation, as usual with Studio Ghibli, is unequaled in excellence. However, this time the style was a little different in that all the backgrounds appeared to be drawn in colored pencils, so the film looked like a moving storybook.

I don't think I'll write a full review here, unless you want one. So I'll just sum up by saying, even if you don't see Ponyo, at LEAST go add some Hayao Miyazaki films to your Netflix queue. I'd recommend starting with Spirited Away. Seriously, it will make you so much cooler if you do.


  1. Hello, what a lovely blog you have here. Heavenly header too ! I've so enjoyed reading your posts and looking through your pictures - you are so very talented.

    Thank you so much and best wishes

  2. Slight correction....The Party was in your brother's crib (your former crib).


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