September 24, 2009

Official Drawworm Stickers!

Lately I've been trying to think of ways to snazz up the packaging of my drawings. After all, people pay good money for these, so it should arrive at their door looking extra special.

I decided to roll up the drawings in white tissue paper, since the dye on colored tissue might rub off on the paper. Then I designed some pretty stickers in Photoshop and ordered them through Zazzle. They'll be used to keep the tissue paper in place. It's a pretty simple idea, I suppose, but I tend to like things minimalistic.

I'm excited to package up my next drawing!

This evening I tried making pasta from scratch. I found a really easy recipe through Pioneer Woman. I highly recommend giving it a try. Cutting all the pieces was kind of timestaking, but the end result was pretty cool. The pasta had a nice firm, chewy texture. Different, but yummy. Husband was very impressed, I think. (Which, to be honest, was my main goal.)

Official Drawworm pasta.


  1. We have a cart at work that everyone puts stickers on. It needs a Drawworm sticker.

  2. Pioneer Woman is the best!! I've made so many of her recipes and they are all to die for. I highly recommend the cauliflower soup (but we put cheese and bacon on at the end) and the apple turnovers (though you might have a heart attack from those). So good!


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