November 23, 2009

Drawworm premiers on 1000 Markets

I heard about 1000Markets from limegreenmodern's blog. I like the website layout; it's elegant and clean. Some features are also very useful, such as being able to adjust the thumbnails of your images. Being able to post that big, fat shop banner is nice too.

However, any newbie challenger to the Goliath that is Etsy is going to have a tough battle for views and sellers ahead of them. Many handmade artists are fiercely loyal to Etsy, even though they also enjoy griping about it from time to time. I checked out the Etsy forums, and many people were saying that they were closing their 1000Markets accounts after months with low views and no sales.

But unlike Etsy, it's free to list items on 1000Markets, so there's really no downside to having a shop open there. I'm hoping, as others are, that the website will grow with time if we stick with it. It seems like they have some strong beginnings.

Have you had any experiences with 1000Markets?


  1. Hm...It has a great layout really, I kinda like more than etsy, it's displays large thumbnails and such, and seems to have better categories. I wonder if less buyers and sellers means more oportunity to stand out but dunno, I'll stick with Etsy right now xD

  2. Hi, my first post. I like the new set up from 1000 markets. It displays your art beautifully. I am a new member at Etsy and found your work inspiring enought to check out your blog. Are you leaving Etsy?

  3. Hello Julie! Thanks so much for posting. No, I'm not leaving Etsy - I really like it there. I intend to keep shops open on both websites.

  4. I haven't tried it... part of me doesn't want to attempt to juggle more than one shop. Let us know how it goes! Lovely drawing, btw.


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