November 18, 2009

I Like Birds


The Contemporary Arts Center Cincinnati is offering high-resolution downloads of some of Charley Harper's artwork, in commemoration of his life. Harper was known for his nature drawings, especially his paintings of birds. According to his Wikipedia bio, "He contrasted his nature-oriented artwork with the realism of John James Audubon and most importantly the simplicity from Inuit Art such as Kenojuak Ashevak, drawing influence from Cubism, Minimalism, Einsteinian physics and countless other developments in Modern art and science."

Okay, I see the Cubism influences but...Einsteinian physics?

Whatever. It's bird art. In my opinion, you really can't go wrong with bird art. Harper's paintings kind of remind me of Pragya's art at Studio Autocrat, which you should also go check out.

P.S. Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

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  1. Your dad hangs out here? What, is he spying on you? Does he make a habit of that? You must feel smothered- by affection.


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