December 7, 2009

Better Together portrait, part 1

When I first began my Etsy shop last year, I was only half-serious about it. I didn't promote it at all, and it was a miracle that my first customer ever found me three months later. (I didn't relist that entire time!) She was so great to work with, and left me glowing feedback that was really more like a testimonial. From then on, Etsy sales were fairly steady, so I'm super grateful to her.

So, I was thrilled when this customer contacted me again last month, wanting some portraits as Christmas gifts for her children. I started working on the first one today, a cute newlywed couple. (The Bridal Gown portrait is on hold while I wait to hear back from the customer.)

Here's what I've got so far.

By the way, I decided that from now on I'm going to try and name my drawings after song titles or lyrics. This one is named after a wonderful song by Jack Johnson.


  1. I'm SO impressed :) Your work is truly fabulous! I'm off to "heart" your shop :)

  2. Very lovely! You manage to capture such fine detail! :)


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