December 15, 2009

My first treasury feature - and Christmas shopping

A new first for drawworm - a treasury feature! Yay!

I love the Asian theme, of course, and gray happens to be one of my favorite colors right now. (Which is good, since all my products are gray.)

I can't believe that Christmas is next week! Usually I have all of my gift shopping completed and wrapped up by now, but having to buy presents for my in-laws for the first time has set me way behind schedule! Mr. Drawworm is definitely lacking in Christmas spirit and, if I understand him correctly, (which I probably don't, but not for lack of trying, mind you) is somewhat hostile towards the tradition of Christmas giving. It's not that he doesn't love his family, he just feels like gifts are an empty, meaningless gesture, a sign of conforming to an overly materialistic society. Or something. Ah, the adventures of being a newlywed.

Do you have any tips for buying gifts for in-laws?

My grandmother and I have been consistent penpals for many years, so for her Christmas gift, I sprang for some personalized notecards from Tulaloo!

Aren't they pretty? I want some for myself.


  1. My new car is gray. Carbon Gray Pearl, to be exact. I bought it on Etsy.

  2. Super YAY! Congrats on feature :) Wonderful!

  3. Maybe I should return Mr. Drawworm's presents?

  4. Congrats on the treasury feature! And thank for the mention!


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