December 3, 2009

Playing House

When I have my own house someday, this is exactly the kind of simple, modern chandelier I'd like to put in it. I love the light blue color - it perfectly matches the imaginary kitchen in my dream house. Right now the kitchen in our apartment has a very ugly brown-and-gold ceiling fan. It looks like a relic from the 70's.

Other things I would like like for my future house:

1. A bay window with a window seat and lots of cushions for reading.
2. A balcony on the second floor.
3. French doors leading out onto the balcony.
4. A little corner of the backyard which has a table and chairs, a small fountain, some paper lanterns and a hummingbird feeder.

Yes, that sounds just about right. Wow, I can't believe how girly I am sometimes.

What else should I put on the list?

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