January 12, 2010

All of Your Love portrait, finished!

I'm really happy with how this turned out! It was the most enjoyable commission I've had in a while - so great to have a nice, big photo so I can see all the yummy details.

For the child's skin, I used an H2 pencil, very light shading smoothed with a tissue to create that porcelain-like baby skin. (Darn you, babies! I want your skin!) For the mother's skin, I used a technique called "circulism," which is basically drawing lots of tiny circles on top of each other. This gave it a slightly more porous, freckled appearance. (You can't really see it that much in the scan, however.)

Thanks for the order, Casey! I hope you like your drawing.


  1. Awe, thank you for coming to visit my blog! Your work is absoultely beautiful, I cannot believe how realistic this picture looks in comparison to the actual photo! Yet at the same time, there is something softer about it that really just enforces that special bond between mother and child. I will have to go bookmark your Etsy shop now (=

  2. Gorgeous! It really capture a great mood and touching moment. ;)

  3. Wow, that sure turned out well. I suggest we coin the term "Wormism" for your technique/style.

  4. Wow, this is so beautiful! I love how you catch perfectly their expressions :)


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