January 4, 2010

Drawworm mentioned on Limegreenmodern

Do you remember this portrait that I finished a few weeks ago? Tracy of Limegreenmodern ordered it as a Christmas gift. Now that it's after Christmas, she wrote a post about it on her blog! "(The drawing) was so spot-on...I was truly blown away. I had it framed and it was a huge hit," she writes. Sweet!

Yesterday, the recipient of the drawing sent me a message on Etsy, which has never happened to me before. She simply thanked me for the drawing and said that they really loved it. It was quite thoughtful of her.

Thank you Tracy! Hearing that my art makes people happy is what keeps me drawing.

(Well, that and also the money.)

Be sure to check out Limegreenmodern's shop too! She has awesome necklaces, like this one


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