January 25, 2010

More fun with midtone drawings

After looking around online for classical-style drawings, I noticed that many of them are made on mid-toned paper with a brown pencil instead of a grey one. So, I dug out my colored pencils and made this. It was fun to do, even though I know there's something wrong with the forehead. (And other things.) This also scanned better than the drawing I made using grey pencils.

By the way, one of my portraits was mentioned over at I Love Handmade blog! I am very happy. :)

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  1. I have a theory that we are witnessing the effects of an acceleration of a kind of spiritual-psychological entropy. It's always been there, but its effects were attenuated by a stronger (yes, "traditional") moral consensus. Now that naturalism has taught us that we answer to no one but ourselves, and that we're all free to do what's right in our own eyes, all hell is breaking loose, so to speak. Cracks in the dam are becoming holes thru which the foul, putrid effluents of the human soul gush like vomit from fire hose. Actually, it's a lot more subtle than that, but that last sentence took on a life of its own, so I just decided, what the heck, go with it.


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