January 27, 2010

Self-portrait, part 1

Go ahead. Say it.

Say it.

I look young.

Because that's what everybody says. "Wow, I thought you were still in high school!" It's become a running joke in my life. I know, I know, I'll be thankful for this someday. Maybe when I'm forty, when people stop offering to hold my hand when I cross the street.

I was lucky enough to have my photos taken by Drozian Photoworks this winter. Lots of people say that hair is difficult to draw, especially curly hair. But I love drawing hair, especially curly hair! I like it because you can improvise - everything doesn't have to be exactly photographically accurate. I'm drawing my hair to be less frizzy than it is in the photo.


  1. Holy cow!!! You are GORGEOUS!!!! I always wondered what you looked like. ;)

  2. You sure are good-looking. You look just like your dad.

  3. I think you look...oh..about 23. Am I right? I can't wait to see the finished picture!

  4. You look like Mariah Carey! No fair that you get to be gorgeous and talented too! ;-)

  5. Mariah Carey? That's a new one!

  6. I am always amazed at your talent. Your self portrait drawing is really great. And you so will appreciate looking young when you hit 40...just had to say it...lol. :-)


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