March 4, 2010

Demon possessed puppy and other animals

I want to get more practice drawing animals, so yesterday I pulled up Cute Overload (always fun) and started sketching.

Believe it or not, in the original photo this little guy is even poofier.
So far rabbits are definitely my favorite animal to draw. This one was on a swing! Awwwww!

Ohmygosh demon possessed puppy! His eyes came out kinda freaky...dogs are difficult!

Wanna help me practice? If you would like me to sketch your pet and make them look all demon possessed, send me a link to a nice photo and I'll do it for free. I'll even mail you the original, if you like. (Just small sketches, though - not full portraits like in my Etsy shop.)


  1. These drawings are so beautiful! Love the little bird! And the bunny! Love them all!

  2. This are so sweet....and what an amazing offer! I'm going to have to search for some photos...I'd hate for you to go without practice :)


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