March 25, 2010

The Procrastination Cycle

I found this poster on Zazzle, and although it's no artistic masterpiece, it definitely makes a good point. The most important step along the cycle is on the top left: "Accomplish 85% of stuff; good enough."

That's why I never seem to get stuff done - there's always that last 15% lying around. I clean 85% of the kitchen, I clear off 85% of my desk, then tell myself "that's enough" and quickly become distracted. But then nothing is ever done; there's always more.

With this in mind, today I washed all of the dishes, not leaving a couple of measuring cups and spoons at the bottom of the sink like I usually do. *pats self on back*

I may have to make a cuter, more artistic version of the above poster. What do you think? Do you relate with the Procrastination Cycle?


  1. Haha I can so relate to that! I tend to give up after I accomplished only a little bit of what I wanted to do. My motto is "it's better than it was".

  2. Oh, I can definitely relate to that! I start doing one thing, which leads to another, and another, and pretty soon the place is even more of a gigantic mess, even though I really meant to clean it up.

    I think I might try your do it "all" approach on at least one thing today. :-)

  3. I usually stop at 84%. Then I go pet a bunny...


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