April 15, 2010

Today I Feel Like Baking

I received plenty of strange wedding and bridal shower gifts when I got married; for some of them I have a hard time trying to figure out the giver's train of thought. But for kitchen stuff, somehow everyone seemed aware that I wanted my kitchen to be white and red, and they did not deviate from that whatsoever. All the kitchen gadgets we received were white and red - red measuring spoons, red oven mitts, even a red muffin tin. Sweet!

So this print called "Today I feel like Baking" from Flowers in May looks like my kitchen - a much cuter, sweeter version of my kitchen. Someday I should paint the walls that robin's egg blue color.


  1. If I had a kitchen like that I would feel like baking too! I'm curious to see what people get us off our registry, we kind of just threw things on there so we may have a rainbow kitchen!

  2. blue would be great! i just recently had my kitchen painted a lovely "mud" brown! (wanted apple green, but hubby wasn't feeling it!)

    now accessorizing in citrus colors! best of luck to you and your kitchen!


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