June 25, 2010

Cubicle Makeover



About two weeks ago I decided to put some fabric on the walls of my cubicle in an effort to make it a less depressing workspace. I found this canvas fabric from Joann's Fabrics for a good price. I liked the vine pattern, and it's not too girly either. I took this crappy closeup photo with my cell phone, so please excuse the poor quality...

Everyone who walked past my cubicle noticed the new addition. Female co-workers generally gushed, "oh it's so pretty! What a great idea, I love the colors," etc etc, while male co-workers generally made jokes about my efforts to bring "a woman's touch" to the cube and asked what the man who shares my cubicle thought of it, and he would make jokes about "a woman's touch" back at them.

I think they're just too embarrassed to admit that they think it's awesome.


  1. Cute! Love the matching dry erase board too! You should check out Cube Chic - it's a book that has a ton of crazy cubicle makeovers.

  2. So, what does the guy you share the cube with think of it?

  3. That is AT LEAST a zillion times better. So much better than that life-sucking other garbage.

    Visiting from the etsy forums! :)

  4. Oh, how I wish I had done that when I worked in an exact reproduction of that gray cubby - I think offices should be designed by women, they would sure feel so much more cozy and bright.
    I know other cubbies near you will be following suit....what about hanging your artwork? A gallery of sorts would be lovely too!

  5. Big time awesomeness!!! Love your 'woman touch'... :)

    p.s. what does the guy you share the cube with think of it?..

  6. The guy who shares my cubicle seems fine with my decorations. I don't know him that well yet, so he's a little hard to read. Mostly he seems amused at my attempt to make a cubicle feel more homey.

  7. You have fine taste. Looks amazingly awesome! All the other Cubiclites must be so jealous!


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