June 20, 2010

Ode to Dad

When I called my Dad to wish him a happy Father's Day, he reminded me that I had promised to write a blog post for him.  So here goes.

On Saturday mornings, my Dad used to give me what he called "The Princess Treatment."  He would spread my blankie across his back, then put a half-asleep me on top and carry me over to the couch.  He would tuck me in with lots of pillows and blankets, then turn on Sesame Street for me to watch while he cooked french toast, my favorite food.  And he'd laugh to himself about what a little princess I was.

So Dad, thanks for the Princess Treatment.  Thanks for teaching me how to play EGA Trek.  Thanks for conducting science experiments with me even when they didn't work out.  Thanks for playing "The Snake Game" and "Escape from the Orphanage" for endless hours.  Thanks for teaching me all the most important Star Trek quotes. Thanks for teaching me how to clean the lint trap.  Thanks for teaching me to write stuff down so I don't forget it.  Thanks for buying the game Space Channel 5 and taking me to see the Lord of the Rings a dozen times.  Thanks for putting up with me even when I put muffins in the oven and then forget about them and leave the house.  Thanks for teaching me the proper way to roll a pair of socks together so the elastic doesn't stretch out.  Thanks for making Jasson feel like a part of the family.  Thanks for continuing to teach me things even when I do the teenager-y thing and roll my eyes and sigh. And endless other things.

One more thing: when I began to learn typing on the computer, you tried to teach me to put two spaces after a period, between each sentence.  I always refused to do that because it's dumb and no one else does it, and eventually you gave up.  But in honor of Father's Day, and all you've done for me, this blog post has two spaces after each period.  I hope you like it.


  1. what a beautiful post! dads are amazing. :)

  2. It's never been anything but joy, and joyness, in spite of your intransigence over the period-space-space issue.

  3. You are so lucky to have such a great Daddy! Don't forget all the trips to Train Town!


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