July 27, 2010

BFFs portrait, part 1

This is my newest pencil portrait. Because the photo is a bit dark and blurry, the customer gave me a second one to work from as a reference, which is helpful. Still, I was struggling with this one at first.

Shudder. This poor lady looks like a man. A freaky man. It's pretty rare that I actually scrap a drawing and start over from scratch. But this time, I did.

...and it's much better now. (It's not finished yet, though!)


  1. aw I love this one! so delicate and light!

  2. Oh my gosh you are so talented!!!


  3. It looks lovely thus far! What a sweet pair.

  4. AMAZING!!!! wow!
    Will you post the finished piece?

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Yes creativeapples, I will post the finished drawing soon. :)

  6. It's looking good. One tiny suggestion: I would move (if you still can) the visual left eye of the woman on the left (her right eye) over closer to the nose. The spacing between the eyes right now is larger than in the photograph.


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