August 5, 2010

You see flowers in these weeds

I wanted to share these beautiful photographs by the Sartorialist with you. With her sweet smile and blue eyes, the girl above is my favorite; this would be an excellent photo for a portrait.

If you've never visited the Sartorialist's blog, you're missing out. He's a well-known fashion photographer who takes pictures of stylish people around the world. Although usually he favors sharply-dressed New Yorkers and Italians, occasionally he'll post photos of someone you never thought would appear on a fashion blog, such as this Mennonite family.

I like how he finds beauty in unusual places and unusual people.


  1. I can never keep stalagmites, stalactites, and menonnites straight. Which one points upward?

  2. Gorgeous images, I love what he found in a place not many get to see.

  3. I looove the theme he's been going with this week.

  4. Very interesting- I'll have to check him out.


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