November 22, 2010

Practicing Pastels

I've been working with pastels for about two months now in my figure drawing class. At first I hated pastels. They are messy and difficult to use. This was my first attempt at drawing one of the live models in our class. I really had no idea what I was doing, and it was frustrating.

Over the course of a few weeks, though, I began to figure out pastels. Now I really enjoy using them, although it's still a bit hit-and-miss sometimes!

My professor says he is surprised by how much detail I'm able to draw in the tiny faces - no doubt this comes from my love of portrait drawing!

I've noticed that male models love to stand with their feet spread apart. They also love to pose with weapons.


  1. These are really good, Kelley! The girl with the red hair is my favorite. :)

  2. Dear Kelley

    I like your pastels and I am glad to hear that Your perserverance paid off.


  3. Thanks, Amy! The redheaded girl is my most recent drawing.

  4. Kelley, love your new pastel drawings! You have such talent, you are going to be able to master any medium!

    Thanks for posting these, show us more!


  5. haha. It`s true. Male models love taking pose with weapon :)I love your pastel colors!

  6. Wow, Kelley! You've made major progress. I'm amazed, too, at all the details you have in the red-head's portrait. Can't wait to see more!

  7. Hi Kelley, your new drawings look pretty awesome I think. Keep up the excellent work, and you'll go far in that medium.

  8. I love how you play with the strokes and different layers of color :) great works!!

  9. Great job! My favorite one is the girl with purple tights and cowboy boots.

  10. I would call these Pastel Posers!
    Love them-

  11. Oh, I love these so much!! They are fantastic!
    I'm deeply in love with the 2nd one. Awesome job Kelly!


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