December 9, 2010

More pastels!

Thanks everyone for your comments on my last pastel post. It was very encouraging! Now that I am really having fun with them, I would like to keep practicing pastels after this class ends. Here are some more sketches from my figure drawing class.

These are 2-minute poses.

This was a 20-minute pose.

This was an 1.5 hour pose. That sounds like a long time, but we take a short break every 20 minutes so the models can stretch. This model was funny; she really got into character and set up a scene with all sorts of props. It's nice when the models are enthusiastic. Sometimes they just wear their street clothes and sit there looking bored.

I had extra time, so I tried drawing this portrait.

Two more 1.5 hour poses. The cowboy with the banjo is definitely not my best, haha. Sometimes I just have "off" days.

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  1. My favorite is the queen in red dress :)Absolutely, passionate models inspire us!


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