January 11, 2011

Drawing across the Pacific

I just got back from a 3-week vacation to Japan. My husband and I went with some friends, and adventurous times were had. But I'm glad to be back. I managed to do a little drawing while I was there.

On my way to Japan, I had a 2-hour layover in Canada. I met a Japanese girl named Masumi who was waiting for the same flight. To pass the time, I offered to draw a picture for her, so she loaded up a photo of her cat. (I took this photo with my cell phone.) She was very happy with the drawing.

This is my husband and I, and the cute young couple who ran the hostel we stayed at in Japan. I drew a picture of their 4-month old baby named Moka. The picture they gave me is kind of funny, but she really was a cute baby! Her hair was always sticking up like a mohawk!

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