January 30, 2011

Feathering the Lovenest

Ever since I was a little girl, I've had a fascination with pretty chandeliers. I guess it's because they have a sort of fairy tale palace quality to them. This chandelier is way too elaborate for my little apartment right now, but you know...one day. Here are some other handmade things I picked out to decorate my dream home. Usually I like things that are simple, with clean lines, bright colors, and just a little something different about them.

I recently wrote on Facebook that "asking a wife not to buy decorative pillows is like asking her not to breathe." My friend Doug, who is soon to be married, seemed annoyed by this idea. I told him to get used to it.

This would be great on our couch, which is usually the first thing guests see when they walk into our apartment. Although I really enjoy supporting artists on Etsy, I'm thinking about making this pillow myself in order to save a little money.

I would put fake birds in here, then I would hang it from the ceiling, then true, lasting happiness would finally be mine.

This vase is beautifully and simply designed. And I like red things. It would look beautiful with a bunch of white baby's breath flowers in it.

Because my husband loves squirrels.

These vintage lamps remind me of something from my grandma's house. Maybe because she's also from the mid century. 


  1. Decorative pillows are just another object I have to move out of the way before I can sit down on a couch, which is supposed to be a place for sitting, not storing pillows. I rest my case.

  2. I love the chandelier too :D I think they are really great in uplifting the overall atmosphere of the room. And yes, simple and unique are often the best... Yet some delicate victorian patterns on them would be great too =p


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