February 24, 2011

Men are from Mars, Etsy customers are from Venus

Aren't these brothers adorable? I love how they each have a dimple on the left side. These are two portraits I recently drew for my first male Etsy customer. Yeah, I know! A male Etsy customer is like seeing a white elephant! And he was great. Thanks to his helpful comments, I believe that these two portraits are some of my best yet. 

Since my customers are usually women, they tend to leave really gushy feedback, like "I love the portrait, it made me and my entire family weep uncontrollably! I will treasure it forever and cry every time I see it! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! <3" Compare that to the feedback this guy left for me:

"Extremely pleased with the quality of the portraits and the overall level of service provided."

My best regards to you too, my good sir. Thanks for the opportunity to draw from your photos!

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  1. Drawworm has broken Etsy's glass ceiling for men!


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