March 5, 2011

More cute boys

It seems that I have been drawing a lot of cute little boys lately. What a tough life I have, right?

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a customer with an interesting challenge. The customer had three sons, but she already happened to have a portrait of one of them. Here it is:

She wanted me to create two more portraits of her sons that match the style of the first portrait. It was an interesting process, trying to imitate someone else's style while still being true to my own. I thickened up the outlines, lightened the shading and used less detail than usual. The customer was very helpful in providing guidance about how to match the portraits to her existing one.

In the end, I quite like how both of these came out, even though it's different from what I usually do. They have a nice simplicity to them. After receiving the drawings in the mail, the customer said "I LOVE them! The portraits are stunning... thanks so much for working with me to get them just right."

All in another day's work for Drawworm!

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  1. Drawworm- for happiness of world's people.


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