March 28, 2011


The cherry blossoms are blooming right now in Japan. Traditionally, sakura (cherry blossoms) are seen as symbols of the fragility and beauty of life, because they fall so quickly after blooming. The trees must be a very poignant symbol for the Japanese people right now.

I made these sakura branches yesterday, after seeing a spring decorating article on Martha Stewart. Because of the recent stormy weather, there were plenty of fallen twigs outside that I could use. I made the flowers from Japanese origami paper and stuck them onto the twigs - it was a really easy project.

Isn't it pretty? Say it's pretty.


  1. what a great idea! i'm going to have to go looking for some fallen branches in the park!

  2. Do one for me but with the blossoms in the shape of the Enterprise

  3. That is so clever! And very pretty!

  4. Your cherry blossoms are lovely! I love that you used "Sakura" as your heading--it's a term I learned as a child and it stuck with me and I almost used it as a part of my title, too. Great minds think alike! (I am stopping over after reading your comment on my Cherry Blossom branches post.)

  5. you must come and see my branches and blossoms....
    great minds think alike!


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