April 13, 2011

Painting Pretty Dresses

This was some homework I did for one of my oil painting classes. The assignment was to copy an "old master" portrait. I chose a pretty portrait by the unbeatable John Singer Sargent. Above is my painting, below is the original:

I did some research on the girl in the painting. Her name is Catherine, and she was one of seven children. This portrait was painted when she was 22 years old; sadly, she died two years later. I guess she must have liked singing or music, since Sargent chose to portray her with one hand on the piano.

My husband says she looks like a man. :P

I got a B+ on this assignment. The painting now sits happily on my dresser, along with two porcelain birds from mudpuppy, pinecones we picked up on our honeymoon, and art by Lois Van Baarle.


  1. wow! It's hard to tell the original from yours! Very impressive!

  2. I think she looks a little like Charlton Heston.

  3. I love the temperature change on white dress~

  4. You did an excellent job. I can't believe you didn't get an A!

  5. Wow turned out amazing!! You did a great job of capturing Sargents brushstrokes and painterly quality. (I found you on deviantart p.s. Going to follow you. : ))

  6. Thank you very much, Lenoracle! By the way, how did you find me on Deviantart? I don't recall posting my blog address there...

  7. wow, you did an amazing job on the assignment! i've always envied people who could paint... i just don't have the hand for it. you are really talented!


  8. Beautiful ... you are going to go far with your talent.

  9. Your art is fantastic. The video is awesome and your painting of Sargent's work is making me want to paint even more. Which I will once I get over just finishing an online course.
    I shall look for you on Concept.


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