July 22, 2011

Carmel by the sea

The 20th of July was me and my husband's 3-year anniversary. In the morning he surprised me by taking me to Carmel, which is where we had our honeymoon!

When I say that he took me to Carmel, what I mean is that he said "let's go to Carmel!" then fell asleep in the car while I drove. But that's okay, I still love him. <3

Just look how cute he is!

It was a beautiful, perfect day. Husband and I had a picnic lunch on the beach, and went for a hike at Point Lobos.

Colorful wildflowers were blooming everywhere, and the sea looked so blue!

I loved gushing over all the amazing houses along the coastline. 

This lovely house was right along the bluff, with windows facing the sea. Do you like it? It's up for sale, priced at $7,000,000! What a steal! I think you should go for it.

After our day at Carmel, husband and took me out (again, sleeping while I drove) for Indian food and tapioca milk tea. Thanks, husband for an amazing 3 years and an amazing 3-year anniversary. :) I love you very much.


  1. Aww, congrats you guys!! :) I'm glad you enjoyed your anniversary - and that is totally how I take my boyfriend out for things too. Just today we did a fair amount of driving around the city (or rather, he did) and we got home and I remarked how tired I was. He said, "I don't know how, you've been sleeping all day!" :)

  2. Thanks, Victoria! When we arrived in Carmel, my husband said, "that was a pretty quick trip!" Yeah, because you were SLEEPING. :)

  3. Very sweet! Carmel and Monterey are some of my favorite places to go to for relaxing...such good memories. You are obviously a very sweet wife! Thank you for the pictures. :)Pam

  4. It is always nice to go back to the sweet days...
    nice photos and words...

    by the way, i am excited to read that you love Indian food...


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