August 27, 2011

Paper Anniversary Portrait

This enormous (16x20!) custom pencil portrait is a combination of three images:

This photo of the couple dancing...

...this pretty sash, which was actually on the right side of the dress, I drew on the left side to make it more visible...

...and this monogram sticker thing I added to the floor beneath the couple's feet.

This triple combo was the customer's idea - and that's the fun of getting a custom drawing. You can be really creative with it!

This young couple ordered this pencil portrait to celebrate their first anniversary, because the traditional 1st anniversary gift is paper. What a creative idea, right? Because the couple was local, I had the pleasure of delivering the drawing to them in person, which was a first for me! "So happy to have our money go to a local artist versus a jewelry store!" they said. I completely agree: the biggest pleasure of buying on Etsy is knowing that your work is going directly to an artist rather than through a big corporation.

(Just in case my husband is reading this: there is nothing wrong with jewelry stores. I completely support you buying from them. For me.)


  1. Well you did a super job on that I just love the detail and how you added the sash to the other side so you could see it and the monogram on the floor, how nice to have been able to deliver in person I would like to be able to deliver one of my baby blankets in person

  2. Thank you, Joyce and Jessica! Delivering the drawing in person was certainly a treat. Ordering and selling on Etsy is always a personal experience, and this was even more so. :)


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