August 12, 2011

Talent, hard work, luck

I am currently studying illustration in graduate school. I entered the school because I knew that I needed to do art for a living. But I wasn't quite sure what kind of art.

This semester I took a Children's Book Illustration class (you can see some of my homework here) and I believe that this is the fit for me, because I've always enjoyed art that tells stories. Furthermore, most children's book illustrators work from home, which I would like very much.

So, at my professor's urging, I am trying to get my career started now, even though I won't graduate for a year and a half. I designed a website to display my illustration work and my amazing brother-in-law Dusty put it all together for me. Just yesterday I ordered some business cards and postcards as well.

Taking these steps is kind of scary. Everyone says that children's book illustration is a very competitive field, and there are so many talented artists out there. But I believe that with talent, hard work, and maybe a little luck, I can make it. Talent I have. Hard work I can do. Luck I can only pray for.


  1. You have such a talent and going to school to further that is just wonderful, keep up the good work...

  2. YAY! What an exciting step. Congrats. :) It was great to see you & your hubby at L&R's a couple weeks ago. We enjoyed visiting with you guys. Godspeed in your new venture! :)

  3. awesome! I have always been interested in illustrating children's books!

  4. Thanks guys. :)

    Jenna, it was great to see you too. I hope that we bump into each other again in the future.

  5. Good luck on the career starting.
    You will be just fine! Your stuff is great!

  6. Thank you very much, queenmob! I appreciate the encouragement.


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