September 13, 2011

Keiko Lynn

When I'm not drawing pencil portraits, this is the kind of thing I like to draw. This was painted digitally with a Wacom tablet.

On Saturday I went to a meeting of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators in San Francisco. At the conference, they had a room set aside for us to display our portfolios. The art directors and other speakers there would leave little post-it notes in our portfolios, indicating which pieces they thought would be best for a promotional mailer. The above drawing got a few votes, and someone wrote "I like this character - how about giving her a story?" Another person added, "agreed!"

That's the second time someone has suggested that I give this girl a story - but the problem is, she's a real person. Her name is Keiko Lynn and she's a well-known fashion blogger.

So I guess that if I drew a story about her, I'd have to simplify or alter her appearance significantly enough that she doesn't sue me. :P

It's definitely a tempting idea, though. I find a lot of inspiration in the world of fashion blogging.


  1. I think she would be excited about being drawn! You could always contact her and ask ...

  2. I think Keiko Lynn would love the idea. I read her blog and you know what I like about your character? You make her seem mysterious and I imagine that she is a PI, on the run to catch some evidence. It's a totally different personality than what Keiko Lynn shares on her blog. Great job!

  3. Katie, that's an interesting point. :) Thanks for the comment!


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