October 24, 2011

Landscape paintings!!

I am taking a Landscape Painting class this semester from Dean Larson. I am very blessed to be taking this class in beautiful San Francisco, which provides many beautiful scenes to paint and plenty of mild weather. Last week my class went to the Presidio, where I hiked around until I found a bench with this incredible view:

I set up my stuff and painted for about an hour and a half. Here's what I did:

Yes, I realize the bridge is small and squished and the perspective is totally off. Just appreciate my choice of colors, ok?

 Here are a few of my other landscape paintings:

Santa Cruz. Painted from a friend's photograph.

Takayama, Japan. Painted from one of my own photos.

Tennessee Valley, Marin County. Painted from one of my own photos.

Alcatraz Island. Painted from life.


  1. Beautiful! I love all of the colors :)


  2. beautiful paintings...
    but, may it is my bend of mind, i like the landscape with bridge to be realistic to the maximum so that the urge to go there or the feeling of loss which arises out of our missed chance to go there rests in our heart as a sweet pain...

    all the best.........


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