November 12, 2011

Promotional postcards in the mail!!!!

I'm currently majoring in illustration with an emphasis on children's book illustration. At the encouragement of my professor, I've just started sending out promotional postcards to various children's book publishers, most of whom are located in New York. When I dropped the postcards into the mailbox, I wished them good luck! It's very exciting. :)

I don't really expect any job offers from this little mailing campaign, and I intend to send out more every few months. The idea is to get my name out there and see if I get positive responses. The children's book industry works slowly, and it's possible some art director will keep my postcard on file, then will call me up in a year or two when they've found a book that needs my artwork.


  1. yah! the cards look amazing. when someone decides to choose you, he/she will be making a very wise decision. best of luck! :)

  2. Thanks Nancy, that's really sweet. :)


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