December 6, 2011

Like a winter cabin

Woodburned Daily Reminder by rcm619 - $58

I guess it's the chilly winter weather - and, being Californian, by "chilly" I mean "60 degrees" - but lately I've been drawn to rustic things. So here's a collection of forest-y, winter-y, cabin-y things from Etsy.

Woodland Edge Wallscape by The Bent Tree Gallery- $175

8x8 Farmhouse photo by felicitycrew - $21

Root Table by realwoodworks1 - $195

Wool Felted Acorn ornaments by greenbaboondesigns - $15

Clay antler mobile by ARTISANIEeurope- $345

Natural white birch wood coasters by urbanplusforest - $24

And because I am cold and hungry, I'm going to throw this into the blog post as well:

Baby Cinnamon Roll Soap by soapopotamus - $8

Yes, it's SOAP. Soap! I don't know whether to feel amazed or disappointed right now.

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  1. sad.. I am totally disappointed that those are soap. They're precious!


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