December 22, 2011

Wallpaper that doesn't suck

The later half of the 20th century was a dark, dark time for wallpaper. I think many of us have memories of busy floral wallpaper in the ubiquitous 80's shades of forest green and dusty rose. (barf)

Or hideous, yellowing wallpaper from the 50's:

So I think it's awesome that wallpaper is making a comeback with fresh, modern designs. I've recently discovered the brand Pottock, which I like because their designs are kind of illustrator-y and funny too:

How cute is this whale wallpaper in the bathroom?!

This design, called "dead trees" is definitely weird and not particularly pc. But I kinda like it. Maybe it's just because it's purple, though.

Alas, I live in an apartment and can't paint or wallpaper my walls right now. Sad. So I've got my eye on this "tapestry" from Urban Outfitters. It would be a great way to add some color to an apartment:


  1. Where did the "dead trees" wallpaper come from please? I love it!


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