March 11, 2012

And I'm Happy Just to Dance With You

Here's a custom bridal portrait I did for a client last month. They redeemed a drawworm gift certificate they received as a wedding gift. 

Since drawing the side of someone's body isn't very interesting, I cropped the photo pretty severely in order to focus on the emotion in the couple's faces.

The bride's curls were surprisingly fun to do. The repetition was kind of soothing.

I sent pictures of the portrait in progress to the couple and they gave me some good feedback. It was fun to feel like we were working on the drawing together, in a way. I hope that having an influence in the artwork's development makes it that much more special to the couple.

If you're interested in commissioning a custom pencil portrait for yourself, check out my Etsy shop, drawworm. I also offer gift certificates, so if you have any weddings coming up this summer, you might consider giving a friend the gift of commissioning their own portrait!


  1. nice work...
    the cropping did wonders to the theme...

  2. This one has so much emotion in it. I smile when I look at it. Another great one, Kelley!

  3. You are a very talented artist!

  4. Kelley, this is a very nice drawing! I was looking for wedding pictures and was curious with this picture in google images and discovered your site. Very nice work, this couple must be VERY pleased with your art piece and what a great gift idea.


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