April 6, 2012

Custom Anniversary Portrait

Here's a recent pencil portrait I drew for this couple's anniversary. Last year they ordered some portraits of their children, so it was a pleasure to draw for them again! "There is no rush on this, so you can spend extra time making us look younger (than the photo)" the husband said, which I thought was funny because they're such a good-looking couple anyway. I simplified and lightened the wrinkles a little bit, but not that much. Everyone has wrinkles around their eyes when they smile, so if you leave those out entirely, it diminishes the expression in the face.

I love the bride's beautiful eyes. Here's some pictures of the portrait in progress.

They were very happy with their portrait!


  1. Wow! The Worm hits another one out of the park!

  2. Your talent is getting close to unbelievable! Spectacular job, Drawworm!


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