October 29, 2012

So I guess this is my life now

All my life people told me that I should become an artist when I grew up. For a while I fought against that. One reason was because I was afraid that if I drew art as a job, it wouldn't be fun anymore. That was a chance I decided to take when I finally took the plunge and entered art school.

I haven't blogged for a long time, but do you know what I've been doing these days? Drawing. Drawing drawing drawing every day. Most of it homework, but also some personal work and the occasional Etsy order. I've been so prolific this autumn, it's crazy, and my work has improved a lot.

And I'm really happy. When I sit down at my desk (pictured above) and know that all I need to do that day is draw a ton of stuff, I can hardly believe how amazing my life is.

True, I'm still a student and so maybe things will change once I try to do this as a profession. Maybe it will start to feel more like work. Or maybe it will be even MORE fun once people are paying me to do it. Who knows?


  1. There is a man who sits downstairs in the public area of our shopping center/office complex and draws all day long -- pastel, marker, pencil, etc. Portraits of pets (I am sure he can draw a German Shepherd in his sleep!), babies, kids, couples, caricatures on the spot, etc...he does it all day long and has been doing it since at least 1992 when I first became aware of him. So, it can happen and you're good enough to succeed at it! Maybe when you're done with school you should purposely NOT go "job" hunting...instead, spend all your time working on commissions and the word of mouth will probably continue to keep you busy forever!

  2. You've actually self-actualized. Not many people do that.

  3. Hearing that you're happy is the fullfillment of my dreams! Your talent is so extraordinary that it was bound to catch you! I still remember the time I made you play in the backyard for an hour and you came crying to me after 30 minutes, "I miss my desk!". The urge to draw is great in this one...


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