June 21, 2009

Anniversary Portrait, part 4

I hope this isn't getting boring for you guys. Is it? All of these in-progress drawings? Should I space them out a bit more?
The husband looks kind of funny right now with his white hair. I need to draw in his teeth and his stubble. I had more interesting things to say about this drawing's progress, but I've forgotten them now. Oh well - time for brownies and milk!

The customer seems very pleased with the drawing so far, which is very encouraging.

I may not post another drawing tomorrow, because tomorrow has plans to kick my butt. In more ways than one. First, I have to go to work early. Next, I have to go without any lunch or snacks. Then I have to get my blood drawn - yikes! By the end of the day I'll probably be starving, light-headed and cranky.

Here is something to cheer me up.

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