June 23, 2009

Too busy...

Even though today was my day off, it became unexpectedly busy. For one thing, Tuesdays are official Homemade Pizza Night at our house...and I'm the official pizza cook.

But I did find time to stumble upon this craft at How About Orange - woven magazine coasters. Super excited, I tried making one, and they aren't as easy as they look! I finished mine, and it is a little crooked and lumpy, but it works I guess.
Photo from How About Orange.

So, I had to get up early the other day for work...and at 4 AM, a cat decided to "serenade" me from somewhere outside my window. It was the craziest thing I have ever heard from an animal. The cat would growl really low for a bit, like roaw....roaw....roaw...then ROOOOOAAAAAAAWWWWW it would give a high-pitched screech followed by a hiss or two, then some more low growling. This went on for a good 20 minutes. I considered going outside and trying to scare the cat away, but it was probably underneath our apartment complex, where all the cats have their secret hideout. Also I was tired.

So that's why no drawing update today...I'm really tired!

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