June 24, 2009


Today at work we had a going-away party for a coworker, who has been with the company for 4 years. We ate burritos and cake and told funny stories for a whole hour. It was awesome.

Another coworker recently discovered my blog. He suggested that I make a drawing for the soon-to-be-ex coworker, and sent me a photograph I couldn't resist.
But since this coworker is leaving TOMORROW, I had to finish this drawing tonight. So I decided on a small 5x7 size, and worked quickly while watching the movie Rainman. (Actually, it was more of listening to the movie; I was concentrating so hard on the drawing.)
Here is the product of three hours of frantic drawing. It's definitely rough, and now that I see it on the computer screen, I see some flaws in it that I didn't notice before. Why does this ALWAYS happen when I upload drawings to this blog? Hmm...I'll make a few finishing touches before I give the original to my coworker.

It's going to be kind of an awkward gift, actually, because I almost never talked to the guy. My job doesn't really require a lot of human interaction. "Um...here...someone gave me this picture of you...I drew it...well, have a nice trip!"

But awkwardness or not, I can't help it! I just love making drawings for people! Even if they didn't ask for it!


  1. Drawworm was born to draw. It is your destiny.

  2. Love it. You're fantastic! <3

  3. Hi,

    Three hours !?
    Like the guy from Mortal Kombat would say : "Impressive !"

    Have a nice week,

    José :-)


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