June 15, 2009

The Lady of Devonshire Completed

It's finally done! I'm thinking of giving it to Renee, but I also kind of want to keep it for myself. :)

Photo by Gar Travis.

I changed two details from the original photograph. I didn't draw that blue ribbony thing that's at her left shoulder, because I didn't want to unnecessarily complicate the composition. Also, I changed her collar to a simple Peter Pan style, because the box pleats were ridiculously difficult to draw. I'm sure this is terribly historically inaccurate. Sorry Renee!

Okay, it was pointed out to me that in this photo, Renee is not actually in costume for the Lady of Devonshire. She is in costume as a titleless household servant. She's beautiful either way though.

I'm putting this drawing up in my Etsy shop as a sample for a 9x12 portrait. That listing is in need of some more recent samples.

Okay, I know I said I would draw Han Solo next, but a new commission came in just today! Hooray! Stay tuned for in-progress drawings!

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