June 4, 2009

The Lady of Devonshire

Meet Renee, longtime friend and Renaissance Faire geek. I forget her character's name right now, but her title is the Lady of Devonshire. You can be absolutely sure that every aspect of her outfit is historically accurate: the style, the colors, the type of fabric, everything. Renee tells me all about it.

Photo by Gar Travis.

I'm drawing a picture of her. Yeah, yeah, I know I said I was working on the cat, but it wasn't going well and I was getting frustrated. As a result of being frustrated, I was avoiding drawing, and that's not my goal here. What can I say, I just love drawing faces - especially the faces of friends. Maybe I need to make friends with some cats.

The drawing is going well so far, and I have started working on her black velvet cap. I think I'll wait to post a picture until the drawing is finished. For full effect, you know.

On another note, Google weather said we would have thunderstorms this week, but we did not. I am disappointed.

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  1. The clothing which Renee is wearing in this photograph is of the household staff of the Queen's Court the North California Renaissance Faire for the 2008 season.


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