June 9, 2009

A Star Wars drawing

My brother-in-law owns almost every piece of Star Wars memorabilia that has ever been produced upon this earth. He keeps them in a special Star Wars Room, a large walk-in closet packed floor to ceiling with Star Wars trinkets and some very large Lego models.

Yesterday he came to stay the night at our house. He was impressed by my still-in-progress drawing of Renee, and asked if I could make him a Star Wars drawing. "The only thing I don't have," he said, "is an original drawworm."

I asked what character he wanted me to draw, and he said "surprise me." So I'm thinking that Han Solo is a pretty safe bet. I mean, who doesn't like Han Solo? Even people who don't like Star Wars like Han Solo.

So I do a Google image search, and try and find a good reference photo.
Here's the first one I found. At first glance it's got all the important elements for a good drawing: a closeup with high resolution and clear details. The blaster would be fun to draw, with all those sweet highlights. But this picture is kind of...boring. Even Ford's expression looks kind of blah.
Here's a more exciting shot. Good action pose, less "blah" expression. But the cons are obvious: even though the lighting is ok, and the eyes are clear, it's a low-res image. Even if I could find a higher-res version of this picture, the left hand is out of focus and the blaster looks kind of like a black lumpy thing.
I think we may have a winner here. It's not perfect: it's not that large of an image and there are a lot of harsh shadows. However, the focus is very sharp and there is some nice reflected light on the left side of Han's face that might be fun to draw. Even though the pose is almost the same as in the previous photo, the left hand and blaster are in focus. The folds in his shirt are visually interesting. His pants are very tight. Not that that means anything from a drawing perspective.

I'm a bit intimidated by the amount of black space in this drawing. Dark photos are more difficult to draw than light ones, because you have to lay down so much graphite. (That's why I didn't choose to draw Darth Vader.) But hey, maybe I should look at this as an exercise? A challenge? Maybe I can experiment with using charcoal for the first time.

All the same, if you know of a better pic of Han Solo, or even have some suggestions for other Star Wars characters, leave a comment. You have to provide a link to a good photo, though. I know there are lots of cool characters in Star Wars, but it all comes down to who has a good photo.

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