June 11, 2009

Shepard Fairey's Obama Poster

And now for something completely different.

I found this cool little article today on how street artist Shepard Fairey designed the now-iconic Obama poster, which I hear is now in the Smithsonian. Regardless of how you feel about President Obama, you have to admit that this is probably the coolest poster a political candidate ever had.

Fairey's comment on the unique color scheme: "People are freaked by red. But I say don't let the Soviets steal our red."

If you want more in-depth info on the history of the poster, try "How the Obama 'Hope' Poster Reached a Tipping Point and Become a Cultural Phenomenon."

There are some "Obama poster generators" out there on the web that will put your photos through an automatic filter that makes them look vaguely like Fairey's poster, all colored in red, blue, and cream, with words at the bottom. But honestly I haven't found one that works too well.

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