July 19, 2009

Angel, part 1

Sometimes, when I see a particularly beautiful photograph of a person, something inside me says, "you need to draw that." It happens more often than I can produce drawings, really.

Yesterday I saw that my talented photographer friend, Arpit, posted a new photograph on Facebook.
Photo by Arpit Mehta.

Immediately I knew what I needed to do.

I know the little girl in the photo, and she really is just as angelic as she looks. I've drawn her in the past before, and her parents hung the drawing on their wall and mentioned it every time they saw me for about 6 months. I think that was the only thing they knew about me back then, just "the girl who made those drawings."

My scanner's suckiness is really showing here, unfortunately. For the final product I'll try and find a way to use someone else's scanner - hmm, maybe they have some at the church office. It costs like $5 to scan something at Kinko's.

Drawing the backlit hairs is going to be the most difficult part. I think I'll go buy a special eraser tomorrow to help me do it.

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