July 18, 2009

A real artist

I think that Han Solo drawing went to my head. Last night I dreamt that I landed a sweet internship at an art company. It was never clear exactly what kind of company it was, but my job involved painting sunsets. Their modern, glassy office building was full of skinny hipsters. I was so syched. I thought to myself, "now I can go back to school and get an art degree and start my career and be a REAL artist." A real artist. So cool! And, because I'm kind of shallow, I also thought, "now I can wear cool, artsy clothes!"


I woke up to realize that I am still only Pinnochio. Just someone who likes drawing and occasionally gets paid for it. I threw on my very non-cool clothes and hopped on my bike to my job which has almost nothing to do with art, no matter how many times my aunt refers to it as my "graphic design job."

I spent much of the day giggling at the Passive-Aggressive Notes blog. My favorite note was this one, left by an American exchange student to his British roommates.
Image taken from Passive-Aggressive Notes.

The website adds: “i particularly like his choice of symbols to emphasize america as a ruling power: the stars and stripes, a cheeseburger, and superman.”

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  1. Don't get down on yourself, hon. You're very talented and you're no Pinocchio!

    Passive Aggressive Notes is the best. I hope to one day leave one at work! Still haven't found something to be pissy enough about, though. :)


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