July 1, 2009

Anniversary Portrait, completed

After two weeks, the anniversary portrait is finished!

I'm rather proud of it, because the reference photo was very small, very blurry, very overexposed. At first I wondered if I should take the commission at all, because I wasn't sure if there was enough to draw from. But a second, clearer reference photo provided by the customer helped a lot.

When I sent the customer a scan of the finished drawing, she had some recommendations. The husband's eyes were a bit too far apart, his hairline too high, and his chin a little too prominent. So I made some subtle changes, and the customer said it looked "truly like an exact copy of the photo!"
All that's left to do is spray the drawing with fixative, and ship it! Hooray!

As soon as I was finished with this drawing - literally, almost the exact minute I finished - I got another order for a drawing. And it is an AWESOME order. The customer sent me a photograph of a super adorable baby boy, with a huge smile on his face and two little teeth. It is a 5x7 drawing, so hopefully it won't take too long to finish. Then again, sometimes the smaller sizes are more difficult because every little pencil mark can make a big difference in how the face looks.

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